The Psychological Make-up of Humans
The Psychological Make-up of Humans
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Lee Choong Hyun
   People fear what they do not know. People are born to be most curious animal of all. People have ability to think. These three statements are some of psychological characteristics of human being. To applicate these statements to study about reaction of human when they heard of all that suspicious stories, it is natural that people are busy making thousands of gossips.
   When a weird incidence occurs, all those creative people start brainstorming. And as soon as they make all their hypothesis, they also start to fear. It is because their stories are mostly horrible and doubtful. People instinctively make those story before they come up with nice one. Because people are very curious about superstitious situation they keep thinking on those stories and continue making their so-called theories.
   Those altered stories are different from myths. Myth are originated from human's fear of nature, but those stories are originated form cleverness. People in this generation do not easily believe things around them. So they start thinking of conspiracies.
   Human are not wise and smart enough to interpret every natural occurrences. Therefore we don't have ability to find out what really happens. I guess that all those undiscovered truths is originated from God to make the human to humble themselves.

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