Think of Well-Being
Think of Well-Being
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   Recently we have seen a lot of new words being used in Korean society.  For example, the word "well-being.  If we didn't pay attention we might pass it by. I also didn't know its meaning before reading this lecture. But I realized that I have already have been practicing "well-being" in my life by doing a variety of activities including; jogging, playing tennis and basketball, climbing mountains, etc.  All of these activities are for enjoyment and improving my health. As all of the societies phenomena have both positive and negative aspects, so too does living such an active lifestyle.  The positive aspect of these activities is enjoyment and health; the negative aspect is the cost.
   In this case I have a positive thinking. In order to monitor our "well-being", we have to live with the goal of improving the quality of our lives. It is not only ostentation(choose a different word) but satisfaction. It seems to me that most people I know want to be involved in this new societal wave. They eat fresh vegetables and exercise instead of smoking and drinking. In addition to service. Our life is richer and richer. So taking care of our "well-being"should occupy a high position in ourlife-style.

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