Keep the Soft and Strong Women Power in the Family!
Keep the Soft and Strong Women Power in the Family!
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   As you well know, these days, the power of women is increasing more than in the past in a variety of fields. And the number of broken families is also increasing. So, is the high rate of divorce in Korea related to the growth of womens power in society?
  Its true that women can now express their talents and abilities in the larger society while in the past they werent given that opportunity. In the past, women wanted to have a position in their family that was equal to their husbands. But, sometimes their husbands or members of their family couldnt understand them and wanted them to stay home to take care of their house and family. So, because of these reasons, some families broke apart. But I think that they should have kept their families together without any problems. By saying this I dont mean to imply that women should only obey their husbands and do work in the home with a passive mind.
   I hope that today and in the future women will be able to show us the real power that keeps their families strong through open conversations and expression of their opinions to their spouse and family members. Women need to keep their power, not only as members of society but also as mothers and wives in their families.

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