The experience at the Yeungman University
The experience at the Yeungman University
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TRANSITIONS ARE ALWAYS TOUGH IN the beginning. Everything was strange and new to Exchange-students. We knew that it would take time to adjust to a new life and various things that we had never experienced. Luckily, we quickly got used to the schedule: Everyday, we got up at 8 o'clock and took the 9 o'clock Korean language class, and then other major classes that we had chosen. I didn't choose any classes after 5 o'clock because I wanted to have some time for myself to study. Most of the lectures that I chose were taught in English, so it was a great opportunity for me to improve not only my major knowledge but also my English. Every evening when other students went out and enjoyed themselves, I had to grasp a stack of English major books and an electronic dictionary to do some advanced study or review. After awhile, staying up until late became the norm for those of us living in the dormitory. Compared to when was I in China, every night I went to sleep at 11o'clock, but now I often dont get to sleep until 2 o'clock in the morning.
    Like most foreign students, the biggest obstacle for us is the language problem.  Although, I studied Korean for 6 months before coming to Korea, it was far from enough to communicate with Korean people. Fortunately, I can speak English instead of Korea in the scope of university, but I will never give up my desire to learn Korean.
    Now the period of my exchange is halfway done, and I think I have reaped many benefits.  In the classroom, the novel way of teaching enlarged my scope of knowledge and broadened my mind.  By doing a power point report, I was quick with my hands and able to acquire a good command of this useful application.  Outside of the classroom, I made a lot of Korean friends whose passion for life attracted and affected me greatly. They are always easy-going and hospitable and made me feel that the people of Korea are warm and kind to foreigners.  They are agreeable and amiable and never made me feel like a lonely foreigner, alone in a country with no friends.  My Korean friends and I always got together and ate and played together; I am able to mix with them easily and feel that weve made a profound connection.
    Since I am Chinese, it is inevitable that there will be some cultural differences between me and the Korean students. The biggest difference is that every weekend, the most popular thing for Korean students to do is to go to bars and drink with a group of close friends.  They often get drunk and sleep until the next afternoon.  But in China, we don't often drink so much and get drunk like that. I think maybe it is the unique lifestyle of Korean university students. And the second is the much more free and the heavier autonomy of the students.  Here students can do everything such as organize all kinds of activities and institutions at their ease without the permission of the university. And students can make a protest against the university when they disagree with something the university has done, or feel that the university has let them down.  I think this would be impossible in China because the university possesses the absolute authority.  But if I could choose, I would still prefer the Chinese system, because I believe that regulation is necessary in order to make things run smoothly and in a uniform manner.
    I believe that this period of time spent studying at Yeungnam University as a Chinese exchange student will become a priceless treasure in my lifetime.  Its been a wonderful experience that Ill never forget.

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