Morality decline?
Morality decline?
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   A few weeks ago I saw a glamour girl dancing with a group of guys on TV. She was wearing shorts that were quite revealing. It was very shocking for me to see this on television. Nowadays women attire and appearance is changing quite drastically. Women's opinions of sex appeal for amusement or entertainment, whether it be on TV or on the radio is becoming more apparent. Numerous internet sites are overflowing with pictures to specifically attract male attention. Should we view this as a serious problem? Does it reflect a decline in morality?
   The answer is NO.
   I don't think this phenomenon is wrong. Women focus on sex appeal is merely a means of expression.  As you know, we all share the same desires and drives. It is a basic source of human nature.  Perhaps we should view the change in women appearances and conduct as an expression of human desire, and actually a step towards maintaining a healthy life.
   In conclusion, before we change the channel after seeing a woman dressed! in scarce or provocative clothing, we should really stop and think of the effects this has on us, and again question whether it is good not. I know this issue is hard to define, because it is an issue of personal preference and choice.  In changing times, we must however try to find a sound way of expressing our desires openly and we must work at finding effective ways to educate our children on proper personal expression.

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