Something About University Life
Something About University Life
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   There is something that I keep in my mind and in my heart after I entered  university and began to study economics. That was because of the respect I have for my professor, Dr. Lee, Hyo-Soo. He told us that an economist must have "penetrating intelligence and true sensitivity - a cool head and a warm heart". So I have tried to keep those words in my mind. I don’t think this phrase is only for economist.
   Without penetrating intelligence we can not analyze problems, and without sensitivity, we can n’t understand the problems of humanity and society.  What is the reality that’s facing us? Economic depression and unemploy-ment among youths. Those things make our hearts cold. I would never think that sensitivity is more important than intelligence, but both should not be neglected.
   I want to develop some sensitivity while you are in university. Try to take more time to communicate with professors or seniors. It might give you a great deal of knowledge and vision. And one more thing: try to have enough time and participate in activities with people who have the same hobby or ideas as you: languages, sports, art, etc. Time spent with people who have a different major might give you a wider field of vision. With this point in mind, I suggest you join a club and participate in the activities.  
   To search for the unity of diversity, that is the kind of ability that is required for leadership. It is the ability of the leaders of this age.

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