The participation of women has the power to change the world!
The participation of women has the power to change the world!
  • Nam Sang-me
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WHICH DO YOU THNK WAS THE greater dynasty between the Choson and the Koryo dynasty? Obviously, most people would answer that the latter is. During that era, women were treated with equality and were considered to be on par with men. Since Confucianism was introduced during the Choson dynasty, the social trends have changed, and women have not been able to launch forth in life but are kept under men.
   However, these days, this social trend has been changing in Korea. Since the Republic of Korea was established on the Korean Peninsula, women have been educated and many of them feel that they are not under the men and that they are individuals. Korean society needs women's hands and they also want to get their own jobs. There are no parts of society in which a women cannot have an impact.
    ■ Politician- Kang Kum-sil who is the Minister of Justice. She was a women's rights lawyer. She is very popular in the public. Jo Hee-jin who is a prosecutor. She is the first female to serve on the bar.
    ■ Economist- Yi Myoung-hee is the president of 'Sinsaegyea'. She made her enterprise first grade in the distribution industry for 5 consecutive years. Jung Young-shin who is the chairperson of 'Ae-kyoung'.
    ■ The cultured men- Byun Young-ju is a director. She produced several films about women and attracted attention in and outside of Korea.  Jo Su-mi is a famous vocalist. She is very active overseas. As you can see women are very active in many parts of Korean society. As they continue working, there have been many alterations to Korean society.
    As women have begun to earn their own money, they have become the center of consumption. So, various businesses have begun to target women. For example, hotel, car, and on-line shopping sites.  Shopping sites on the Internet make it easy for women to easily spend their money. Also, Volvo car company has put a car on sale aimed at women; they exclusively take out women in this car for test drives.
There is a womens private parking lot in department stores or marts which women visit repeatedly. Women are also beginning to protest that having children follow the last name of their father is not equal. In these ways you can see that society is changing.

Where can you see the females' power in Yeungnam University?

Kim Bo-bae─Sophomore, School of Chemical Engineering & Technology: Now, she is a representative of the group, Howoo. Last year, she was a student representative for the female freshman in her major. She is very active in many other groups as well as Howoo and doesn't miss any opportunities that come her way. Since she was a teenager she has wanted to work for women.  Many women don't want to study engineering because they are women and feel it will be too difficult. But she wanted to show that a woman could specialize in engineering and have great dignity. She doesn't want to hear 'choose the man as the president. The president doesn't do well because of the woman'. This idea imposes a heavy burden on women.
Nam Kyoung-soon─Junior, Department of Korean Language and Literature: She is a editor in chief of The Yeungdae Shinmun. Originally, juniors could be president of the newspaper, but she has been president since she was a sophomore. She didn't dream just to study but to participate in a variety of activities and meet many people since she was a high school student. So she made up her mind to work at a newspaper office in the university. When reporters had to elect their editor in chief, she volunteered for the position.  She wanted to lead, not follow the group and make the newspaper a success. In Kyeongbuk, all presidents of the university newspaper office are female except one. It seems that it is related to the social structure. She hopes to make the newspaper do well.
Kang Jung Eun-ha─Senior, Major of History: When Eun-ha was a freshman, she was a delegate of her department. Since her junior year she has been active in the Association of Girl Students' and she was a representative of the Association of Girl Students' last year. If someone is a leader of group, they can and must offer constructive ideas and leadership. She wanted to change some aspects of Korean society that she feels are unreasonable so she decided to be active in the Association of Girl Students'. Last year, she had the honor of being leader of the Association of Korea Girl Students' representatives. It was proposed that she be the leader of the association. She was worried about whether or not she could lead the two associations. In the end, she decided to lead both

   In Korean society, females have improved both their economic standing and their educational backgrounds and they are now beginning to occupy important positions within Korean society. They are no longer merely observers but players on the stage of Korean society. Yeungnam University has also been influenced by the flow of Korean society. The power of female students is not yet enough but, compared with the past, the number of females in leadership positions is increasing. The contribution of female students' thoughts, leadership, grades, etc. will continue to grow until they have the confidence and ability to achieve whatever it is they desire.

Sub On-Site

My Job as a Mother

   SAVE OUR SOULS (SOS) CHILDRED? VILLAGE care and rear for children in 132 countries all over the world, who can not live together with their parents. The SOS mothers live with 7 to 8 children in one house. Generally, she starts each morning by sending her kids to school at dawn. In the afternoon, she does all of the house work and at night goes to bed after putting the children to bed. The difficult side may be the mother's affection for these children which she didn't give birth to, yet they take care of the children and help the children deal with the pain of being kept from their parents. Not everyone is able to become an SOS mother.

   Most SOS mothers ages range from twenty to their early thirties and are unmarried. They have a preparatory period as an aunt for two to three years. They have experience in the SOS mother for two weeks. After, many SOS women served the cause of children at the sacrifice of their own lives for about twenty-five years. This mother image is different with social women power. Newly-bred women prefer public life over marriage. Due to, the entry of women with many achievements socially. It was meant to show their fame for themselves. It is one power that will be just women as mothers, and absolute!
   Youn Oak-sun said "Nowadays, people tend to be impulsive and free with their wills. So, becoming a mother is not easy. But I think it's not bad, you could become a mother if you are a woman who receives a royal summons. I felt thankfulness and happiness with my children, when worked in the past. In my opinion, women power is doing my best with the little things for my children" This interview doesn't conform to men. In case, anyone should ask a woman "Do you live absolutely for your children for the period of twenty-five years?". Each people have many different opinions but there is no one who can simply answer "Yes". In conclusion, SOS Village's mothers symbolize social women power. They are 'The Absolute Women Power'.



Pak Hyeon-ju, Reporter

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