Not special. Not irresponsible.
Not special. Not irresponsible.
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Korea has many kind of BACK-SU. SAOJUNG, is forty-five and has become old or retirement age even though the age limit is sixty.  38LINE, it also has come to symbolize many jobless people in their thirties.  Finally, there is LEETEABEAK which means many jobless people in their twenties. In the past, when there was a small number of unemployed young people the word BACK-SU had a bad meaning--but not anymore.  Now, many people are JOBLESS who are not simply careless and irresponsible. These people are now in one category. In Korea, we call this BACK-SU, or people without jobs.
   The first BACK-SU magazine was started in Korea and will be published this September.  As a reporter for The Yeungnam Observor, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Mr Ju Duk-Han, who is the creator of BACK-SU magazine and the National Solidarity of the Young Unemployed in Korea.

Q You made the BACK-SU Cafe on the Internet and also made plans to establish BACK-SU Hall. Tell me about why you decided to create the BACK-SU Cafe and why you made plans to establish BACK-SU Hall.
A We (National Solidarity of the Young Unemployed in Korea) are moving forward with the establishment of BACK-SU Hall as our main project in 2004. Korea has many halls such as Village Hall, Youth Hall, Sejong Center and even small towns have a Lady Center for a few aunties. So, why not have 'BACK-SU Hall' in Korea. for the BACK-SU of at least five million people or more in Korea. BACK-SU Hall should offer various facilities including free seats, coffee & tea, in addition to free books and use of the Internet.  BACK-SU Hall will also provide an information stage, hold cultural programs and so on. Now, we operate cyber BACK-SU Hall in Cafe

Q Now, unemployment among the youth is a serious problem in Korea. Can you say a few words to the youth of BACK-SU.
A In this world of BACK-SU, there are two types of people. After losing and not being able to find a job, the first type of BACK-SU is cut off from their friends and society. Another type is the kind of individual who lives happy and positively until he or she finds a new job. Now, unemployment among the youth is not a problem of every individual. It is a problem for our entire society that the Korean people must find a solution. Also, every person in this world can become a BACK-SU, whether they are young or old. If you are a BACK-SU now you should think about your plans for the future. This can be the turning point in a persons life.

Q What are your plans for the future?
A First people of the National Solidarity of the Young Unemployed in Korea are constructing BACK-SU Hall and holding job parties every week catered to each sphere. We also have a program called the 'Pull out model BACK-SU, BACK-JO in Korea' with a Youth BACK-SU cultural festival. Model BACK-SU, BACK-JO take members to visit Japan-America-Europe and meet other jobless youth such.  In this way they can overcome their difficulties just like Frodo in Lord of the Rings (were you talking about Frodo from Lord of the Rings?) This project is explained in more detail on a major site on the Internet

   Mr Ju Duk-Han who has had many experiences traveling to foreign countries, has communicated with each countries BACK-SU members. This has broadened his thinking about BACK-SU people and changed his way of thinking.  He has also had the opportunity to attend some TV programs as a representative of BACK-SU and its first male housekeeper.
   In the past BACK-SU was not very effective because generally BACK-SU was unable to identify the different levels of ability of its members but now that is changing and some people are working two part-time jobs. Now, every person can become BACK-SU because a student who is on leave of absence and a traveler are both BACK-SU if they don't have a job. People can become BACK-SU in spite of their efforts. They are all a part of one category. People need to change their minds about seeing BACK-SU as a bad thing. Mr. Ju Duk-Han has shown thorough practice that BACK-SU is still in a preparatory stage in our society. He hopes that every BACK-SU will get a job through investments by the government and society in helping them make that next step.

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