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Reporter's Thought
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   The best pop singer of the 20th century Michael Jackson made his debut when he was 4 ages and was acknowledged as a good singer.  The typical composer of 18th century, Mozart started composition his music. And Edison who was called the king of the invent made his own laboratory when he was 10 ages. Bil Gates had stoped his school and established MS company and develop his company as the best enterprise.  Gogh starts painting study when he was 28 years old. the emperor of the comedy, Lee Ju-il made his debut when he was 41 years old.  Darwin present 'theory of evolution' when he was 50years old.  Genghis khan finished conquestion of the world when he was 62years old. John glenn, had left to space as astronaut, after 36years since then that is when he was 77years old challenged a space flying again. When 84 years old, grandfather of Maruke and Kenya enter an elementary school. When 98 years old Chagall finished his work of art. when 93years old Fauja Singh, English, achieve marathon,42.195m. You think when the best time is to start something? Do you happen to live peacefully because you think you miss the time to start. But examples show us the important thing for the people who achieved something is not age but passion advanced to his goal. To them who loved their own work and pursue their goal constantly, the age is a simple number. If you have important aim as devote his life and have stronger passion than other people. Start now~!!

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