10 kinds of English students
10 kinds of English students
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    Idecided that an article about students would be more interesting. These are the kinds of students that stand out the most in my classes, although the Girly Girls, Bashfuls and All Stars are the most numerous among the hundreds of students I've taught.

    Bashful  The Bashfuls are very quiet. They tend to camouflage themselves and become distressed when the teacher looks in their direction.  We can feel their heart rate quicken. Often they are shy because their English speaking ability is low. Occasionally, the Bashful speaks eloquently during oral tests, shocking the teacher. Some Bashfuls are very smart, but the teacher rarely gets to know them.
   Girly  Girl  The Girly Girl is as young and fresh as a Daegu apple. Usually, she is a freshman who sits in class giggling with other Girly Girls and taking pictures with their cell phones. They act shy when the teacher asks questions. Some become experts in make-up application, practicing with mirror and lipstick during class time. Teacher wishes they would grow up, but then again, they will only be young once.
   Manly Man  The Manly Man acts like the center of the universe because to his family, he is. His mother worships him and still cleans his dormitory room every morning, even though he's 26 years old. Despite his modern clothing and hairstyle, he is traditional inside. You will never find him packing a lunch. Suprisingly, Manly Man becomes a Big Baby under stress. 
   Playboy  Playboys make people laugh constantly and are outgoing and popular. They exhibit a fun, boyish charm that is attractive to many girls.  They are used to getting whatever they want and pout when they don't. Usually, they enter the class loudly, stay loudly and leave loudly. They change girlfriends often, or play several at the same time. Beyond the jokes, they may be immature and superficial. Playgirls are quieter but just as tricky. 

   All Star  All Stars are mature, personable and confident. Classes with many All Stars radiate a kind of warmth that makes everyone feel good.  Often, they have traveled or studied abroad for a length of time. Senior students often fall into this category, but some freshmen are also All Stars.  They study hard and are expressive and energetic thus a pleasure to teach.  Unfortunately, All Star seniors are often very stressed until they find a full-time job.
   Gucci Tab  The Gucci Tab is fashionable and has a good eye for matching colours, shapes and patterns. He smells nice, has great hair, and wears fashion colours like pink, lavender or aqua. He likes designer labels and is a bit snobbish. Female Gucci Tabs have perfect make-up, high heels and semi-formal attire with matching handbags. Both male and female Gucci Tabs tend to be vain.
   The Eager Beaver  The Eager Beaver's hand shoots up during every class when the teacher asks, "Are there any questions?" Eager Beavers have lots of energy and enthusiasm to study English. They come to school at 7:00a.m. for English study group and become TOEIC machines during summer vacation. Their diligence is admirable but lazier students often take advantage of them. They do all the work for their groups, and share their lecture notes, while their partners get the glory.
   The Misfit  The Misfits feel more foreign than Korean. Their peers often misunderstand them. Foreigners like misfits, seeing them as interesting, cooler and closer to Westerners than Koreans. Some Misfits are born with liberal attitudes that are incompatible with "proper" Korean culture. Some are geeky, artistic, or gay. Others have become Westernized from living abroad and are no longer completely comfortable in Korea. They are likely to emigrate abroad after graduation.
   The Zombie  The Zombies need to be checked for a pulse to see if they're still alive. They sit in one position, maybe awake, but their brain is not there. Sleeping Beauty is a relative of the Zombie, awakened only by the kiss of Test Time.
   The Cool Chick  Cool Chicks are open-minded, creative and active girls. They run marathons, backpack across Australia, and have a good sense of whom they are. Often, they are adventurous and have studied abroad. This girl is independent and prefers to wear funky or sporty clothing rather than high heels and skirts.

   I enjoy all kinds of students, even though some are easier to teach than others.  In Canadian universities, there are also many types of students, but different from in Korea.
   In Canada, students tend to question their teachers more and people dress casually. At my university, most people wear track pants and little makeup, except for going out.  Freshman students worked very hard, since the first year is the most difficult. In Korea, freshmen students drink and play in their first year and they still pass. In Canadian universities, that is not possible, especially at the good schools. In Canada, most women plan on working after graduation, but in Korea, most female students do not want a career and plan on being homemakers. 
   Students of different age groups and faculties in Canada can mix more easily since the culture is less formal. Seniors and juniors do not follow special social rules. Canadian students also are more individualistic and show less conformity that is prevalent in Korean schools. It has been interesting living in two very different countries, and learning from both cultures.

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