Our Museum in the World!
Our Museum in the World!
  • Pak Ji-yeon
  • 승인 2007.08.01 15:17
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   The International Council of Museums (ICOM) visited our university museum on October 6, 2004. Because our museum is geographically located close to Kyungju, it is considered to be quite a traditionally famous area in Korea because of it's connection to Shilla. Also, during the year 7 B.C, the Korean Peninsula(including Koguryo and Backje) was unified.  Initially the Andong area was considered to be the most highly cultural area of Korea because of its roots in Confucianism, an ideology created by young nobleman, inspired by Chinese thinkers. Therfore, because our university is located between Kyungju and Andong, it was a very desirable place for the ICOM to visit.
   The people of ICOM stayed in Korea from October 2 to October 8. They stayed for two days at COEX(Convention and Exhibition Center) in Seoul, after they had first arrived in Korea. They then visited Seoul University, and then our university museum.
   During a presentation in our museum, Lee Sang-chun, the President of Yeungnam University announced the topic of his paper: "University Museum and University Management."  He stated: "In Korea in the 1970s, museums and libraries were considered to be an essential requirement in the establishment of any good university, and to establish a good museum is quite a heavy burden to put on top of managing a university. Nevertheless, about ninety universities established a museum and expanded its function, therefore, direction and policy of each establishments became clear.
Yeungnam University(YU) has made a positive connection between its museum and the establishment's ideology: identity of race education and practice of cultural heritage education. Moreover, YU museum also organizes events for neighborhood citizens that are considered to be better than events organized by other University museums in Korea." After announcing this, two visitors announced their paper topics: "University Core Commitment vs. Community Outreach" and "Out of Sync? Tertiary Education Users." Following the presentation, all people present participated in a Korean cultural event at the museum.
   The ICOM conference is held every three year. During the conference, the members and committees experience their nation's culture and history. By doing this, every nation enhances their pride in their culture. After our university event finished, the ICOM visited Kyungju and then Keimyung University.
   Through this conference, our museum enhanced our awareness of our culture through the day's program. We hope to obtain this opportunity again so that our museum becomes well known around the world.

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