Direction of New Personal Information System: The Smart Card
Direction of New Personal Information System: The Smart Card
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   The Smart Cad was created for public ease having large stored memory, and to be economical. Although the Smart Card is very useful, it won't be popular because of some problems.
   First, private information is easily leaked. For example, if you are a juvenile who used a Smart Card to buy a cigar in the morning with on click, not only can your purchase information be tracked, but also you won't be able to buy it because the Smart Card keep your personal information. This is one good effect. It looks simple but it has also side effects. Anyone can easily see your information. Privacy no longer exists.
   Second, the contents of many cards are included on one card. So, many companies must share their information. Private information can also be easily leaked during processing. But the Smart Card doesn't only have bad effects. You know, it has more good effects than bad ones. We can see many good examples from Europe, Taiwan and Japan. If we invest more money for the Smart Card system, we can overcome those problems. I think, it is the duty of companies as well as of a government. They must cooperate with each other. Of course, it takes time. There is no such thing as a "free lunch". We have to prepare a new system and try it out.
   We can do so by many trials and errors. Through it, we can advance our system and enter the Smart Card era. Easy does it!

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