Newly Physical Science Cafeteria
Newly Physical Science Cafeteria
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   Nowadays, the popular phrase "well being" is one of the main topic in Korean society.
   We are talking about the well being of people a lot and all kinds of media are paying attention to the topic about how to live well. Still we have some problems, though. Eating well is one of the most important thing to do in our daily lives. It is especially consideration for the students who spend most of their time in the campus, during the semester. The students usually have at least one of the meals at the cafeteria on campus.
   That is the reason why we want to talk about this topic. The university changed the previous food company to a new one called CJ in order to provide better service in the cafeterias. In my opinion, it is a pretty hopeful things for the students, even though statistics have shown us that it still has some problems such as the guilty and taste of th food, but I am pretty sure that through these kinds of efforts, accepting a new food company , could make a better eating environment.
   This is sort of the first step for the welfare of the students. we need to keep up with our concerns continually. That is the way to achieve well being.

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