What Students Really Want
What Students Really Want
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   There are still some construction sites in our campus, such as the Central library location and the Chunma Gate, which was started recently. We all know that they will help to improve our campus image greatly if they proceed as the adminstration of YU has planned.
   However there are some structures which students of YU have been disappointed about, such as Sotdae yard and the promenade, which leads to the Satdae Yard. The area around the foundation is too dirty as the water from the foundation sprinkles beyond the boundary.
   Students have frequently pointed out the harmony of the central library with other buildings is unbalanced. It is too shiny and stands out to recognize other structures.
   By the way, how much is the administration spending to improve YU students' education quality? Have the administrators spent such big money to change the conditions of our school education, for example employing famous foreign professors for each major. Many students expect to get better quality classes and an atmosphere which makes us get a good job rather than studying in a good environment, such as having a great gate and shiny building.
   I hope that the administration realizes it's not a good time to make the outer appearance of our campus be the main focus when it is our education that really makes the difference in surviving in the real world.

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