I think Observer is that...
I think Observer is that...
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Lee Sang-hyuk(Sophomore, School of Management)
"I think it was a good chance to ingest various information., we could especially know the actual condition of Yeungnam University, because Observer reported all these details. I really expect good reports next year."
Woo Ju-hyun(Freshman, College of Medicine)
"It is an informative magazine on campus. Observer pun an not only their article, but also students, professors and foreigner's essays. So, I could share many people's thoughts. I want to see more articles by general students."    
Kim So-hee(Senior, Department of Korean Literature)
"Observer wrote articles, that we usually thought about. For example, Team-Teaching, The Chunma-gate issue, etc. So, I think Observer is useful."
Joe Yeon-ju(Freshman, School of Bioindustry)
"I think Observer wrote a weighty article. So, sometimes it isn't very comprehensible. I hope Observer writes easier articles next time."
Ha Eun-kyung(Sophomore, Dept. of English Language&Literature)
"I regard the English newspaper as being difficult. But feel the English newspaper can also be easier and have related articles. I feel good because Observer has feature articles as well as present affairs."
Kim He-jeong(Sophomore, Department of Piano)
"It is a good point that I can know about school news through Observer's corner such as 'Chunma Focus' and 'A Closer Look'. I hope Observer annotates difficult words."
Kim Kyoung-sung(Junior, Dept. of English Language&Literature)
"Please deal with the problems that need to be solved and debate about university problems more than social problems.Many thanks for your work."
Han Sun-hee(Senior, Dept. of Korean Language Education)
"I think Observer deals with problems that attract student's interestand it's structure is good.Please keep trying to feel sympathy for the students."
Park Hyun-young(Sophomore, School of Management)
"Observer deals with common life through students' insight."
Jo Yoo-jin(Freshman, School of International Economics&Business)
Observer contains a variety information and readers know many things about Yeungnam University through Observer."
Kim Dong-uk(Senior, College of Political Science&Public Administration)
"I think Observer's articles are good. But Yeungnam University students don't know much about Observer, because Observer doesn't get enough exposure. I think Observer should hold various events. Observer Fighting."
Yun Bong-hee(Senior, School of Management)
"I think Observer is good because it informs us in many ways, and helps improve my English ability.  I appreciate what you have done. "
Son Su-hee(Senior, Dept. of English Language&Literature) 
"When I read Observer Magazine, I am surprised to see reporter's English ability and I have a feeling of impetus from it. I hope Observer continues publishing good articles. Observer Fighting!!"
Jung Ji-hye(Senior, School of Biological Resources)
"Observer is a great help to me. And I like article, which deal with matters, connected to my life. In the future, I hope Observer continues to publish useful and interesting articles."
Sim Hyo-ju(Sophomore, School of textiles)
"Observer needs articles about Yeungnam University and employment too."  
Lee Eun-mi(Sophomore, School of Chemical Engineering&Technology)
"Often I saw Observer. In 2004, the cover was all green, It caught the sight of readers. Also, there was various content."
Jung Sang-ho(Junior, College of Political Science&Public Administration)
"Sometimes, it was difficult for me to understand the stories in it. Because the vocabulary and grammar was hard to understand. I hope that it becomes more easy read for all students to understand."
Kim Jung-geun(Sophomore, Business administration)
"I was surprised at what happened at Yeungnam University in some issues. Also, it caused me to develop my thoughts and think about my endeavors. But I hope the paper deals with many problems, for example as cafeteria complaints."

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