To Yeungnam University Students
To Yeungnam University Students
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  Were almost in December, it is the last month of 2004. Its time to finish the second term. I m also finishing this term with the Staff of The Yeungnam Observer. I have been working as cup reporter, reporter and Editor since 2002.

   As I'm as reporter trainee , reporter, and editor, I have learned about Yeungnam University(YU), for example, the distinguishing points of our school, and the problems that may arise in the different systems. My pride in YU grows as I learn more it.

In order to write articles, I met a lot of people, such as YU students, professors, the president, and even some famous people. My conversations with these people are in a sense a study of life.

I interviewed a man, who despite the fact that he was old, retained a youthful mind. There is no way to make the bell that we see in Buddhist temples, but somehow, he made it, because his only love was to create this type of bell.

Studying hard, professors and students are immersed in their work. This gives me an active life. I realized what is of significance in their life. They want to accomplish their goal because of their passion, and also challenge the strong minded All these things are leading them their higher goal and dream.

Have you found your goal in life? This is the time to do it. As The Yeungnam Observer staff have finished, I am the last. My juniors are just beginning.

I thank professor Kim Kyeong-sik for helping our magazine and thank the juniors for following his instruction. Thank you for loving The Yeungnam Observer.

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