Making a Cleaner Campus
Making a Cleaner Campus
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  There are many public notices and commercial leaflets all over our campus, and it is true that we can find some useful information among them. But I'd like to ask you something, "How do you feel when you see these things everywhere you look?"
  There are advertisements holding every part of our campus' vacant space and even is spaces reserved for groups and courses. We often see elderly workers removing them, and cleaning the walls where the many stickers and tape have been attached.
  These leaflets are attached so disorderly which makes our walls look dirty, so I feel regret due to the fact that a considerable amount of illegal stickers are attached by some students at our university.
  In our university, on the condition of the students of our university, it is a right as well as a necessity to attach public notices to recruit club members or to meet fellow students. But it would be better if we attached only necessary public announcements on the approved space and remove them ourselves after the event has passed. This is just common decency and the responsibility of the students.
   Just three hours ago, I saw two elderly workers detaching some illegal stickers which were attached on the wall of Center for International Programs, and heard one of the workers saying, "There are so many new notices even though we just detached them yesterday!"
  I hope our campus will become cleaner by having only necessary leaflets posted and that our students will take the responsibility to remove their notices after they are no longer needed up.

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