Campus Under Construction
Campus Under Construction
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   The gate project seems to be coming along well, with the exception of the student's inconvenience. This project is meant to greatly improve YU's image. However, there is a concern about the construction site's surroundings. I am convinced that students are used to living in a construction site, that is why they do not complain about the situation at the front of the university. I strongly believe that this construction has begun to annoy most students for the following reasons. I would like to point out some of the big problems happening these days due to the construction of the gate.
   All around the central library has been dug out without any distinctive and alternative way signs. You have probably been confused as to which way to go. For example, one of my friends injured his ankle walking in this area because he didn't know where it was safe to walk. I am afraid someone might fall in one of the holes at night. Also, on a strong windy day, the dug up road creates a lot of dust.
   What about the main entrance construction site? In addition to having to walk down a narrow path, there are also a couple of food stalls (PoJangMaCha) in this area. This makes the front of the university really crowed, especially during leaving school time.
   We all know that construction work creates some temporary inconveniences, but in my opinion, these kinds of basic things should be considered in view of the students. Furthermore, I would like to ask Student Council what they are feeling and doing about this problem. Their role in our University is to represent the students, but their interest in campus issues does not seem high as they place more emphasis on heavy issues, like National Security Law, instead of on what's happening at Yeungnam. It would be great if they would turn their focus to real campus related issues, like this one.

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