Change of Home
Change of Home
  • Nam Sang-me
  • 승인 2007.07.31 14:00
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Korea had the traditional home but now has changed gradually due to the changing
  There are two children, one boy has parents and the other has no parent. They want to eat the same cake. The first boy steals the cake. The adults scold the boy and the boy's parents pay for the cake. The second boy also steals but has no parents. Adults scolded and then, they said "Orphans who have no parents are the same." The boys have same thoughts and same reasons and do same wrongs but they have the different homes. 

Family change is global
What do you think about the two children? Will they have the same lives in the future? Did you know a neighborhood which consists of homosexual and divorce couple? Did you recognize that those home style has been varied greatly as society has been changed.
   In Korea, a married couple is defined as follows: 'A married couple live in a same space for their common livelihood and their nucleus lies in their home.' Is that right? Other countries have been making many changes in their law about sex. In America and Europe laws for homosexuals marriage have been passed. Moreover in Europe, man and women are permitted to live together without marriage. Society is to be changed. 

The 'Kinsey Report' and other studies about homosexual presumed that a group for homosexuals is to be 1~3% of the whole groups. If it is applied to Korea, 1% of forty million is 400,000people and 3% is 1200,000people. The Korean military personal amounts to 600,000 and when people in Korea vote for a new president, the difference in presidential votes would be 400,000. 1-3% of Korean population is a large number for homosexuals.
    Recently, the Korea has many issues about homosexual. Six homosexual groups made the union called 'Korean Lesbians Guys Bisexuals Trans-gender Coalition' with CHINGUSAI which is the name of the first gay organization.

OBSERVER talked with Choe Jun-won, the president of CHINGUSAI. He said, "Homosexual homes existed in Korea before. But people didn't know it  because they had prejudices against and indifferent to the facts. What is home? There are two types; a general home and homosexual home. Now, Koreans have many prejudices about home's styles. If the prejudices are disappeared, Korea could have many types of home. And love of homosexuals don't need a recognition from intersexual people anymore. So, if we have different opinions, first, we should recognize gay's rights. If government guarantee the homosexuals' rights as marriage in a law, the recognitions of people should be changed. The change of people's thoughts may be important before changing the law."
Statistics show that DINK(Double Income No Kids) has been increasing. In 1985, 7.8% was DINK homes in Korea and from 1995 to 2000, the percent were arise to 12.6% till 14.8%. It appeared to be due to increase of women working, the absence of children, individualism of people about marriage and birth and hardship of the economy. This birth data is decreasing more and more. So, divorce data is increasing too. After getting married 12% of the couples are divorced before one year, before two years the percentage rises to 16% and before three years it goes up to 18.2%. In 2000, the divorce rate went over 40% and in 2002 increased to nearly 50%.
Also, OBSERVER had an interview with Kim han-gon, a professor of School of Social Sciences of Yeungnam University. He said, "Real meaning of the home is the constituent of social members. But, illegitimacy is increasing due to economic hardships. And the number of these kinds of cases is increasing more and more with other problems. For several reasons, the home environment is to be changed with a single parent homes and parent homes which have gay father or homosexual mother etc.. Because Korean society has been changing continuously and the changes will be continued for much longer time."
A homosexuals home is just like any home
If Korea changes the Hoju system which is the head of a family system, the meaning of home will be changed more greatly. The changes of home will make problems about children or other social problems These problems seem big to the people who have prejudices against  and bad recognitions about different homes. However, thoughts of people should be changed as society changing.

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