Be a TI Member Right Now!
Be a TI Member Right Now!
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Ha, Jung-woo, Senior School of International Economics&Business
  At first, I would like to explain our university's "TI" program to you. "TI" means 'trade incubator' and is supported by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. Our TI members generally get practical experience in  business. After we select a domestic companies' product, we than conduct a trade agent's duties such as searching foreign buyers, promoting our product, researching foreign markets, sending out our brochure, samples, and e-catalog use, and formulating contracts.
   Before we enter the trade company, we intensively study very detailed and practical trade practices of many countries. Therefore, I am sure the TI members who complete the regular TI program will be far superior to small and medium enterprises' employees in the trade&marketing.
   During this winter vacation, we are planning to participate in the 2005 Toy&Game Fair in Hong Kong. In order to participate in this international show, we have to finish the exibition education program. We have finished that program with some small and medium companies in Gyongsan, at the Kyungbuk Techno Park, last week. 
While in college, many students have difficulty getting access to foreign buyers. But if you are TI member, you can directly contact many foreign buyers who can promote your item for export in various ways. And you can export your item. Therefore, you can learn this export procedure through the TI program.
   Whatever you do in life, I am sure that the most important thing is not theory, but practical experience. As you know, theory and practice do not always go hand in hand. Theory without practice will be useless.
    If you would like to learn a trade professional trading don't be hesitate. Be a TI member right now!

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