What Are You Doing Now for Your Future?
What Are You Doing Now for Your Future?
  • Son Jung-a
  • 승인 2007.07.31 13:28
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   'As all you know about 400,000 young are now out of work, because of the long suffering economic depression in this error or era of unemployment. How can we expect to survive without proper preparation for the future.' These are Andy's lines in Nonstop 4. Recently, as you see in this dialogue, unemployment of young people is a big problem in our society. Especially, it is so difficult for university students to get a job in the provinces. Accordingly, many university students prepare the examination for public service. A few days ago, the government announced the internship employment in a six grade system. This system selects the students who get good marks at school and have a good record in English. However there is controversy surrounding this system. So The Yeungnam Observer made up questions about the examination for public service. This survey showed the view of the internship employment in six grade system and the opinion of the examination for public service among Yeungnam University students.

1. Do you prepare for the public service examination or have you taken it before?
① Yes(24.2%)               ②  No(75.8%)

2. If you prepare for public service examination or take the public service examination, is it connected with your major?
① Yes(55%)                  ② No(45%)

2-1.If you answer 'No', what is the most important reason?
① It's because there is no public service examination that is  connected with my major.(15%)
It's because I don't have a very good result for my major.(22%)
③ It's because I passed the public service examination easily.(26%)
④ It's because a public office job is too easy for me.(11%)
⑤ other(26%)

3. What do you think is the most important reason to prepare for public service examination
It's because it's a steady job that has not worries about retiring early.(71%)
② It's because of a low rate of employment when university students in the provinces enter the company.(7%)
③ It's because I want to be a public servant. (for example, Police, Fire fighter)(17%)
④ It's because the pay isn't behind the private sector.(0%)
⑤ other(5%)

4. What do you think about the internship employment in the six grade system?
① strongly disagree(5.7%)
② disagree(20.8%)   ③ so so(34.3%)
agree(35.1%)   ⑤ strongly agree(4.2%)

4-1. If you are satisfied with this system, what is the reason?
① It's because people's thoughts that score on a test is the most important thing was lost.(11%)
It's because there are many opportunities to enter university in the provinces into public office.(46%)
③ It's because data is enough to judge sincerity.(24%)
④ It's because I think that I would rather learn about practical business than take the test in a period of internship.(19%)
⑤ other(0%)

4-2. If you are dissatisfied, what is the reason?
① It's because public service in seven grades or less is demoralizing.(22%)
② It's because the system restrict freedom of choosing my occupation because come students receive benefits.(38%)
③ I think that we should not judge a qualification by score of TOEIC, TOEFL and second level school records.(32%)
④ It's because of decrease in the selection of people.(2%)
⑤ other(6%)

5. What do you think about this system that a man of merit in state receive benefit ?
① very dissatisfied(23.8%)
a little dissatisfied(40.8%)
③ so so(22.6%)   ④ a little satisfied(8.7%) 
⑤ very satisfied(4.2%)

5-1. If you satisfied this system, what is the reason?
I think the government provides the family of former employees with a comfortable life.(30.3%)
② I think that the government provides work for the family of former employees easier than others.(12.1%)
③ I think that it's natural for a family to be compensated for their fathers service.(15.2%)
I think that the government should provide security because their late father sacrifice for their country.(39.4%)
⑤ other(3%)

5-2. If you dissatisfied, what is the reason?
① I think that the system is counter to the spirit of equal right.(49%)

② I think that the system restricts the freedom of choosing my occupation.(14%)
③ I think that the system restrict that anyone to be a public official.(3%)
④ I think that the system infringes on the principle capability.(24%)
⑤ other(10%)

6. Are inclined to prepare for public service examination?
① Yes(30.2%)                ② No(69.8%)

7. Why will you avoid taking the public service examination?
① I think that the public service provides a small income.(10.3%)
I think that the public service isn't of help to  improve my ability.(30.5%)
③ an uncomfortable life(15.4%)
④ a dull business(17%)
⑤ other(26.8%)

8. what do you think about your spouse's  who is the public service?
① very dissatisfied(2.7%)  
② a little dissatisfied (7.6%) 
③ so so(36%)    ④ a little satisfied(42.2%)
⑤ very satisfied(11.5%)

   According to the survey, a few students are preparing examination of public service unexpectedly. But some of students intend to take the examination of public service. This is a mirror of our society that it's difficult to enter a profession and also if you succeed to enter a profession, you worry about retirement at an early stage. Although the times are hard, all of the university students persevere in their efforts for their dreams to come true.

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