Toegye Logic from a Historical, Literary and Philosophical Point of View in the 21st Century
Toegye Logic from a Historical, Literary and Philosophical Point of View in the 21st Century
  • Lee Min-young
  • 승인 2007.07.31 13:20
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   On November 11st, an International Conference on the subject of "Toegye Logic: History, Literature, and Philosophy in the 21st Century" was held in the International Building at Yeungnam University. It was held by the Institute of Korean Cultural Studies and the Academy of International Toegye. This event was the largest of it's kind and was the first to have international scope. It was also held for the first time at an University, and that university was Yeungnam.
   The Conference began with announcements from six scholars who specifically study Toegye. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese people participated in this event, making it an international event. New views of Lee Hwang's philosophy were presented. First, Hong Won-sik a Professor from Kyemyung University read a paper entitled, "Toegye's Philosophy of Wang Yangming.? Lee Jung-hwa a Professor of Sookmyung Woman's university read a paper on ?he Study of Toekye's Life and Change of his Poetry.?Papers were also read by four other scholars.
   Lee Su-gun, a Professor of Yeungnam University spoke on the most significant part of Toegyes life. The subject of the paper was, "Toegye's political and social position at the end of King Mung-Jong's rule and the beginning of King Sun-jo's rule."  Toegye obtained excellent results in various fields in the beginning of King Sun-Jo's rule (1552~1608), therefore, this period is the most significant area of study within Toegye logic. Most people think of him as a philosopher, but he was also a politician.
   During the Chosun Dynasty era, the political circumstance in the 16th Century had fallen into confusion. The control changed from Sa-Rim to Empress Moonjung(1501~1565), a maternal relative. During that time, Toegye was not only King Sun-jo's faithful subject, he also played an important role as a political leader by opening a new age.  The Institute of Korean Cultural Studies have tried to clear this ignored matter, and feel that the Academy of International Toegye should reconsider Toegye from a historical, literary, and philosophical point of view. That is why Yeungnam was the site for the conference.
   "Students mostly regard Lee-Hwang as a difficult and complex philosopher, but by going to the conference we were able to find out more about Toegye's ideas, such as his respect and earnestness for Confucian ideals in daily life. Also, he had great influence in literature and ideology," said Lee Dong-soon, Chief of the Institute of Korean Cultural Studies at Yeungnam University.
   Through this Conference Toegye logic was reconsidered by bringing new parts of his theory to light. We hope that this opportunity helped students to become more aware of Toegye's life and thoughts.

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