Team-Teaching is the Efficient Way for Students?
Team-Teaching is the Efficient Way for Students?
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   Team teaching is one of the ways that experts have introduced as an effective pedagogy, by making students learn various things from two or three professors of different academic fields and who bring a variety of perspectives to the subject.
   I admit that there's no perfect teaching method. Every method has its own advantages and disadvantages. But we can find team-teaching has a lot of problems that need to be addressed.
   First, a lot of students complain that the team-teaching is confusing and quite difficult to follow. We can find that there's no connection between what we have learned from the two professors.  It tends to confuse students so often.
   Second, there are some professors who have enthusiasm and passion, so they try to teach a lot of things to the students. If we learn from two or three of that kinds of professors , it can be burden for students to learn and study so many and various.  They have to do lots of reports, team activities, and assignments. They may feel like that they take three classes.
  Therefore, instructors should know each other, and their teaching system well, and they must be aware of these potential problems and to help their students adjust. Otherwise, students are totally confused. Some might simply give up trying.

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