Are Bus Fare Increases Truly Necessary?
Are Bus Fare Increases Truly Necessary?
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Kim Myung-hoon, Senior
Department of Architectural Engineering
Many students usually use public transportation to get around the city, to go to and from school. Of all the forms of public transportation, buses are the most popular form of transportation. Even if there is a subway system in the city, it isn't extensive-widespread. Consequently, it is the only  available form of transportation for many students. Then what is problem?
   First, under though prices of commodities, have risen and there is a high unemployment rate, our pocket money has remained the same. Even though rich men have no concern for the increase of 200won, that amount may be a great shock to the humble classes and students. Because of general price increases it may be bus fare to be raised. It is understandable. But now is not the right time. Second, even though bus companies are supported each year with 200 hundred million won from city government, they don't make an effort to improve their service. It is expected that the subway's second line will be completed in a few years. Then their riders will decrease significantly and their loss will be great. At that time will they demand more subsidies? It is nonsense.
   Therefore, eradication of bad management and fraudulent accounts is the cause for bus fare increases. We have to put up with driver's rudeness and intentionally passing the bus stop. And we have seen the problems arise such as drivers' strikes.
   In short, this measure is an excessive demand. I hope that the relationship between bus drivers and passengers  will improve. And I strongly feel  the necessity to try to understand one an other. Because drivers are also citizens who live together with us. We need to keep up our concerns. That is the way to bring matters to a peaceful settlement.

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