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Each correct answer to the puzzle can be found in this magazine
Good Luck to You!
Please send your answers to the 283rd puzzle to the YNO office by June 30, 2006.
 r e d h p s s e n e r a w a
 p e o y t o r o l e v o s r
 s e m r i n h a b i t i a i
 r o i o l a e l a n d e y n
 t e v t v u t g o a e g r o
 y g e e e e u d s g l s a i
 k i l r r b f s t r i v e t
 i s l r n e d e a e j a n a
 n t g i a n i s d n a l s i
 g r y t k e d g o g w a d t
 d o p o l r a r n e i n n o
 o v e r f a e f t t a v o g
 m e a y g w i s a g y d a e
 D i r a n a v i g a t i o n

Look for the Word
 1. The dispute between Korea and Japan over the sovereignty of Dokdo Island.
  2. The History of Three Kingdoms says Dokdo has been Korean territory since Silla ruled Dokdo in 512, though the Japanese government has other ideas.
  3. To achieve these goals, the Dokdo Research Institute manages archives on Dokdo with the broad goal of proving that Dokdo is Korea's territory.
  4. So Dokdo was removed from the Japanese map and cadastral survey at that time.
  5. When Korea strives to persuade Japan with so much persuasive discourse, Japan may yield to Korea's claim.
  6. Residents often used astronomical navigation when they went to Dokdo about 30 years ago
  7. "Danggalcheongpung" is an arid wind which has little humidity as "it dries a man's liver."
  8. Most fishermen know where "Goel" is, but few know the place which the most fish inhabit.
  9. These include a direct negotiation, a third nation's arbitration, judgements from special committees, and war.
10. As a result, there is little international awareness for Korea's benefit
11. But most Japanese feel that Dokdo is just some rocky islands like other unimportant ones.

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