Bi-Polarization Reconsidered
Bi-Polarization Reconsidered
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  • 승인 2007.07.27 15:40
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Kim Ji-yun, Freshman
Dept. of Education, Gongju National University
    I am a student of Gongju National University. I wish to become a respectful teacher, but I don't know how many people really think like me. I guess most of them enter university because the College of Education almost guarantees them jobs as teachers. So I have been skeptical about people here and of course about me. I had been concerned only about my own problems and have had a disregard for any social problems. One day, I had a chance to read some pages in the Yeungnam Observer
   I only thought bi-polarization as the gap between haves and have-nots. But I realized that there are many kinds of polarization from regional discrimination to ideology confrontation. Especially as a future teacher, I naturally became interested in the education problem. The government is focusing only on some financial aspects in school education to reduce private education costs, and on the fact that there will be a change in the 'college entrance examination system' in 2008. But I am doubtful about its satisfactory results. On the contrary, it will increase private education costs more to get good scores and grades throughout high school life.
   The top 20% will continue to become richer, and the lower ranked 80% will become poorer. In the end, almost all the people will belong to one of these two groups. The 'have and have-nots' dichotomy may affect so many issues. To become rich means having various experiences that the poor can only hope for, such as better opportunities for education. A more serious issue is that the wealth is transferred to the next generation in almost all cases. Formation of 20 to 80 structures in our society may become dangerous if it lasts forever. In addition, I am afraid that the population of the middle-class will continue to decrease. 
   Of course, various and complex problems take place here and there. And we are not able to claim that there are definite answers to these problems. However, we have to try to solve them step by step. And then, we can build a better society.

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