India, a Newly Rising Country
India, a Newly Rising Country
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   Since joining a group called 'the Asian Triangle', India has recently become one of the most interesting countries. According to a research work in 2006, India recorded a population of 1.3 billion. It was one-fifth of the world's population and its width was 328km2 ranking the 7th of the world. These days, with the travel boom to this attractive country, there are many ways to approach it through travel agencies, travel cafes, and so on. In addition, India seems to have the potential for growth. There are various traditional cultures within one nation. They use 19 languages along with over 800 dialects. To make ourselves fit into the 'Global Age', I guess traveling to India is necessary. Now I would like to give you a tip for traveling to India.
   Generally speaking, people in developing countries are considered unstained people with pure smiles. Although they were ruled by other countries for years, Indian people take a serious view of their customs and traditions. They are very conservative about relations between the sexes, drinking, dress and so on. Still, their lifestyle influenced by the caste system of which travelers must be careful has been sustained by some Indians. Historically, India has its long history of about 5,000 years with abundant heritage. For example, there are Ellora Caves, a temple 2 kilometers in length built around 600~1000 A.D., the Taj Mahal, a masterpiece in the world, and the Himalaya range with the world tallest peak.
   There is also happy news for those to travel to India because prices are very cheap there. 300 dollars are enough to live for 30~40 days. So, traveling in India is not lavish. Another fortunate thing is that most of the educated people in India are fluent in English. India adopted English as an official language, and so you do not need an expensive tour guide. Although you may have the ability to express your opinion with body language and poor English, you don't need to worry about communication with them in English. More surprisingly, some Indians speak Korean when selling their products in the souvenir shops. Although there are many great things about India, you need to consider carefully the fact that Indians consider tourists 'financiers'. So you have to deal with sellers. Even if you don't have confidence in English, your English will be improved by dealing with sellers!  Generally in the souvenir shops, you had better ask for a discount of eighty percent.
   Most of all, you need a good consciousness. You have to respect their culture as we do our own. In preparation for traveling to India, you have to know about table manners. In conclusion, you have to show the advanced travel consciousness rather than being served by Indian people.
   Lastly, remember two more things! First, you will see more attractive spots while traveling in India if you buy a boarding ticket, rather than a package ticket. Second, because Indian tap water is not filtered, if you drink it, you will get sick. 

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