Garland of korean Poems "Yun Dong-ju"
Garland of korean Poems "Yun Dong-ju"
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Four Poems

Yun Dong-ju
  Yun Dong-ju was born in a village called Myongdong in Kando, northeastern China, on 30 December 1917. After studying at Sungsil in Pyongyang, Eunjin and Kwangjin Middle School in Kando, he went to Yonsei College in Seoul in 1938. In 1941, he graduated Yonsei College on 27 December. To celebrate his graduation, he planned to publish a collection of 19 poems with the title of "Hospital", but this plan was aborted.
   In 1942, first he went to Rikkyo University to study English literature in Tokyo, Japan, and then moved to Doshisha University in Kyoto. In 1943, he was arrested and imprisoned in Fukuoka Prison, where he died possibly of medical experimentation on 16 February 1945. His collection of poems, Haneul kwa baram kwa byeol kwa si (Sky, Wind, Stars, and Poetry), was published posthumously in 1948. His poetry is noted for the simplicity of poetic diction and the purity of thought.


Wishing to hold no speck of shame
Towards heaven until the day I die,
I've suffered,
Even from the wind stirring leaves.
With a heart singing of stars,
I should love all things that are dying.
And along the road given to me,
I must walk.

Tonight, again, the stars are brushed by the wind.


      Firefly Light

Let's go, go, go
to the brake.
To pick up a moon crust,
let's go to the brake.

 A firefly at the old moon night
 is a broken crust of the moon.
 Let's go, go, go
 to the brake.
 To pick up a moon crust,
 let's go to the brake.

Sunflower Face

Sister's face
is a sunflower.
No sooner rises the sun,
she goes out to work.

A sunflower
is sister's face.
Her face hung down,
she comes back home.

Baby's Daybreak


our home
there is no cock to crow.
the baby's cry for mom's milk
breaks the day.

At our home
neither is there a clock.
the baby's fret for mom's milk
tells the time of daybreak.

  Translated by J-Y Noh                  

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