Dokdo Research Institute At YU
Dokdo Research Institute At YU
  • Kwon Yeung-hyu
  • 승인 2007.07.27 11:25
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On 11 May 2005. Dokdo Research Archive opened at  YU with President Woo Tong-ki, Lee Eul-geun, governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do, and Kim Hwa-kyung, Director of Dokdo Reserach Institute of Dokdo Res Directoearch Institute participating along with other dignitaties.
   Ever since the Dokdo Research Institute in Yeungnam University opened its door on 11 May last year, it has worked on Dokdo during which the heated dispute over territorial sovereignty between Korea and Japan was undergoing. To aggressively counter Japan's claim of territorial sovereignty over Dokdo, the institute was established and its research on Dokdo started. When Japan has produced considerable numbers of studies in order to prove Dokdo to be their territory, Korea has tended to have an attitude of appealing susceptibility of Japan's evidence, and patriotism to its own people rather than presenting research on Dokdo. The Dokdo Research Institute, therefore, aiming at scientific investigation and systematic research on Dokdo, fosters the research ability  younger of scholarship. The institute collects materials and data to make sure Dokdo has remained as Korean territory, while developing theories which Japan could inevitably accept.
   To achieve these goals, the Dokdo Research Institute manages archives on Dokdo with the broad goal of proving that Dokdo is Korea's territory. This plan will improve a universal understanding by displaying collected materials and data about Dokdo. Of note is its professional scientific journal, which by its publication, the institute is striving to be a central axis for all Dokdo research, constructing research infrastructure and expanding the fields of research on Dokdo. In addition, the institute frequently hosts international academic conventions. Many invited scholars have exchanged their research works. Through this course of action, the Dokdo Research Institute endeavors to show clearly that Japan's arguments on Dokdo are incorrect. 
   The Dokdo Research Institute is expected to collect materials and data, as it conducts further in-depth and specific research. Through this process, the institute will do its best to collect materials and data scattered even in Japan, where the island is referred to as Takesima. Besides, the institute is scheduled to develop supplementary teaching materials for middle school and high school students, to inform them of the truth that Dokdo is Korea's territory. Even after this work, the institute will continue  to distribute information widely with translations in foreign languages including Japanese.
   The Dokdo Research Institute says that, if possible, it expects to discuss the issue with many eminent Japanese scholars. As the saying "If you know yourself and your enemy, you will never fail to win one hundred battles out of a hundred" goes Korea can offer a retort to Japan only when it knows exactly the reason for Japan's insistence that Dokdo is Japanese territory. The Dokdo Research Institute's plan, therefore, is to prove Korea's sovereignty over Dokdo through aggressive tactics and arguments. When Korea strives to persuade Japan with persuasive discoursess, Japan should yield to Korea's claim.
   In Korea, the research related to Dokdo up till now has been insignificant. Although old research works stand firm, new works are scanty. Some works discovered are only from those interested in Dokdo for the sake of their own personal interest.
   On this unfortunate situation, the Dokdo Research Institute may have a greater meaning, for the institute tries to go beyond limitations. Particularly with regard to the dispute over Dokdo between Korea and Japan, surely the institute will play a crucial role in making peace not only for Korea but neighbouring countries.

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