A History of Music with Photos
A History of Music with Photos
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Choi Young-ae
Dept. of Composition
  The book A History of Music with Photos was written by the local musicologist Son Tae-ryong. It deals with the history of music in Daegu since the period following Korean liberation from Japanese Imperialism in 1945. Son, now historian, originally majored in Western Music, and then continued to study the theories of Korean traditional music. Afterward, he has published several articles and reports on various aspects of Korean music in Daegu. Along with Western music, he has worked on Korean musicals covering the history of more than 50 years. He has arranged and classified them.
  Son has spent much time on studying local musicians including musicologists as well as Korean traditional music around the Daegu area. He has published his articles in the local newspapers. This has led him to a deeper understanding of the local social culture. However, his A History of Music with Photos includes photos which are not published in his previous books.

Music class at Shin Myung Girls?Academy

Daegu is a city where Western music developed very early and where a  high quality of music has been maintained. Many prominent musicians from Daegu are active nationally and internationally. Concerts and recitals are performed almost every evening in Daegu.
  A History of Music with Photos helps readers to understand the history of traditional Korean music sung in Daegu. This book has two parts; the first part contains photos and the second has the chronology of performances of musicals in Daegu along with the titles of articles published in the newspapers. Through this book, any reader can discover many unknown musicians and understand the relationship between the churches and the colleges of music. 
This book may not be recommendable for an average reader. However, if you have interest in the history of music in Daegu, this book is a must. With rare documentary photos, this book is not difficult to read and its prose style is simple. Above all, perhaps this kind of book with meticulous research can not be written except the present author himself.

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