The 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall of University Foundation
The 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall of University Foundation
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  From the open design contest to the completion of the 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall, an entire process of the Memorial Hall construction will render a festival to which everyone in love with Yeungnam University is cordially invited. The Memorial Hall which will function as an open campus will break its ground in 2007 and be completed by 2008. Through various steps of screening in the contest, the winning prize was awarded to the joint work presented by the comprehensive construction company Beyond Space Group and Beyond Space 4. A judging committee were composed of nationally renowned architects along with representatives of postgraduate students in Architecture participating. The prize winning design has been evaluated as an excellent piece of work which expresses not only the spirit of university foundation but also the dynamic disposition of Yeungnamins. The design is based on the cardinal ideas of education - Heaven, Earth and Men - which will be expressed in terms of circle, rectangular and triangle in the shape of convention rooms, performing theatres, and exhibition rooms within the building.
  The Grand Auditorium accommodating 1800 seats introduces a movable stage which makes it possible for orchestral performances, fashion shows, opera performances and lectures. The Medium-sized Auditorium accommodating 480 seats will be used as an international conference room in which six foreign languages can be simultaneously translated into Korean. When the movable seats are removed, the auditorium can be used as either an exhibition room, a presentation room, or a small theatre as well. In addition, this complex will have a historical exhibition room, a fitness center, a sky lounge, and an outdoor performing theatre. This multi-functional building will open for Yeungnamians as well as the local residents throughout 365 days. When the 9 storied building (two stories below the ground floor and seven stories above) stands at the current student parking lot with 23,700㎡, the world will see another symbolic building of Yeungnam University.

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