[Travel]A rainy day in November
[Travel]A rainy day in November
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Members of our expedition team under the sea in Dumagueti
Kim Se-hoon, Sophomore
School of Int? Economics & Business

  "Today is the day we leave for Dumagueti Dive Expedition with members of my travel group", I said to myself in excitement. We've been waiting so long for today. One day before we leave, we took our luggage to T.K. reports, and we put ourselves on the bus heading for Inchoun Airport. On the bus, we stayed calm not as we usually do. After four hours, we arrived at the airport.
  Many of the OB members were already there to see us off, hoping we would have a successful trip. We boarded the plane. We started our own party on the airplane. We kept asking for more wine, played many kinds of games, and so on. It was great fun for us. After four and a half hours, we arrived at Manila Airport in the Philippines. In the Philippines, there is an island called Cebu that Magellan discovered. It has many small Islands. Also it had a nickname "Tiger of Asia" a long time ago. It seemed that the warm and humid whether in Manila hasn't changed yet. There were many taxis that tried to tout, and  weird smells all around.
  Nothing seemed changed. The toughest thing on our travel was that we had to take care of our luggage every time we moved to other place. We didn't have any choice. So we had to work on it. Carrying luggage was hard work too, but loading was even worse. After all that hard work, again we were on a Cebu Pacific Airlines plane.
  The next destination was Cebu. Cebu is one of the biggest five islands in the Philippines. It is world-famous for its beautiful view. Cebu has the coolest beach in the world called "White Sands Beach." We got out of the plane, carrying all of our packs. We got to one little port and took a boat. The sunset on the Philippine ocean was so romantic and gave us passion. After we got out of the boat, we went to our base camp a bangalo which floats on the sea.
  I was much happier at the bangalo than staying at the resort hotel. After checking our instruments, we had night dive with the OB team in the Cobaltie Ocean. Of course, we celebrated our first night in the Philippines. After that, we went to OB/YB Union exploration. It is a beautiful night.
  For me, it was the first dive abroad, so I am excited. We've dived in front of the point named "Beach"
It was a great sight when I saw the beautiful fish as in the movie "Finding Nemo".
  And corals were beautiful too. I felt peace with a wide horizon and beautiful surroundings. We came back to the base camp by boat, and we ate turkey with tropical fruits. After lunch, we were heading to the next point "Tropical East". We dived around the large rock, I felt like climbing the rock. I wondered about the sea bottom, but our guide said it could be dangerous to go down to the bottom. But I was not scared because I had my Dive buddy. At the end of the day, we checked the instruments and had a meeting. Then we saw the sights of Dumagueti downtown. YB with our professor went to a bar and had fun with natives.
  Next day, the destination was Caceres. It was beautiful but a little dangerous. We boarded on the boat for an hour, and started diving for fifty minutes. Unfortunately I got my octopus tangled with the professor's snorkel. The last diving point was called 'Aquarium'. Five meters from the surface, it was a real aquarium. There were so many fish, shells, corals and so on.
  It was wonderful in the sea! But I broke one of the corals. I felt ashamed of that.
  At last, with great memories, we finished the expedition. I could tell everything in detail about the trip because I was so impressed and my memory is still vivid. I think I can never forget my experience in the Philippines.
   I will set my face to the expedition again with OB/YB just like this time.
The expedition team who went to Dumagueti in the Philippines

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