Talking Dirty
Talking Dirty
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  As usual after school, I got the bus home. There were so many people on it, but it wasn't noisy. Several minutes later, some people got off and I got a seat. Then, a woman? cellular phone rang and she began to speak into it. The person on the other end of the line seemed to be her friend. The bus was quiet so we could all hear their conversation. Everyone on the bus looked at her at the same time because she used so much slang and abusive language. She continued to speak to her friend without concern. Their conversation made everyone raise their eyebrows. The grandfather sitting behind her was astonished and I, someone of her own age, was also embarrassed to hear what she was saying.
  It was not my first time to experience this kind of thing. These days, university students, and even middle or high school students, often use vulgar words under the guise of expressing intimacy. Even though it is their private word to express friendship, and even though I'm of a similar age, I sometimes feel awkward. At first, most people pay no regard to that kind of slang and just laugh, but as time goes on, they gradually feel more uncomfortable with each other. We express our thinking and our states of mind through our conversations. If our conversations are filled with lots of slang or vulgar words, it is natural that ill-feeling or distrust will arise.
  We all know that speech shows us the speaker's personality. Namely, what I say reveals my character. So, vulgar conversation makes others keep away from us and makes our personality unrefined. Even if we just use slang to represent our friendship, we seem like mere children to those listening to us. As university students, accumulating knowledge and culture, we need to have good manners and respect others in our conversations. By doing this, we can not only gain trust in each other but also have the manners to respect each other. Besides, such manners will penetrate our speaking habits and even our minds, and will also affect our society, making it brighter. Building manners like this is not difficult. Words are very habit-forming, so, if we gradually reduce the use of slang, these kinds of words will soon disappear.
   "Words have colors like beautiful flowers." If we use a cultured word as beautiful as a flower, we can give out a good fragrance. Through good-mannered conversation, let's become good, refreshing, Yeungnam university students.

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