Mental Moderners
Mental Moderners
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The Moderners are in rapid change, but most of them are not adapting and are falling into a diseased mentality. For instance, entertainers such as Lee Eun-ju, Yuni, and Jeong Da-bin recently killed themselves. Lee Eun-ju got over-stressed and became a hypochondriac. She hanged herself with her necktie in the dressing-room of her Gyeonggi-do apartment, on February 22, 2005. Yuni, as a result of 'reple' (malignant reply on the Internet) hanged herself from a doorframe in her house in Incheon, on January 21, 2007.  Jung Da-bin kept on drinking because she was out of work. She'd attempted suicide several times before and finally succeeded in her boyfriend's house in Seoul, on February 10, 2007. 
Because of these entertainers' suicides, the phenomenon of 'suicide by imitation' has recently immerged. The suicide-rate among the general public has recently doubled. This situation reflects a state of diseased mentality. So, let's check the present state of affairs in Korean society and discover why the mentality of Moderners is diseased.
  There are many social phenomena that are representative of the diseased mentality of Moderners. Some Netizens, who don't have the courage to level criticism at celebrities and public officials directly, hide themselves behind the 'wall' of the Internet and gain self-contentment by foul-mouthing the public officials they hate. As a result, entertainers and celebrities are afflicted by the Netizens Akple (evil-speaking-reply) and commit suicide. These celebrities have not yet learned how to solve their own problems by themselves nor have they consulted with anyone in their own families. So, they become stressed and melancholic. Finally, having not overcome their mental anguish, they choose suicide. Some of the public imitate the suicides of entertainers and celebrities. This phenomenon is called "copycat suicide", and it is on the increase. These people don't spend time seeking their own identities and have not received concern from the community or from their own family members. In this way, people with diseased mentalities impulsively copy the suicides of entertainers and celebrities.
  Some people, who are maladjusted to society and don't receive concern from their family members, pen themselves up in their rooms and morbidly devote their hearts and souls to self-destruction. These people are known as Otakus; a word coined in Japan. Although originating in Japan, this phenomenon is now disseminated throughout Korea. Other Moderners, who are not adapted to rapid change, can't recognize the fact of their maladjustment and become autistic or schizophrenic. 
Many members of the same family cause each other violence and even murder each other. This phenomenon arises when family members, by reason of their urgent business demands and lack of love for each other, aren't concerned about each other. Because of this lack of love and concern, they are dissatisfied with their families. So, they argue to express their dissatisfaction, and finally cause violence or commit murder on impulse.
  Recent statistics show that acts of violence happen in one household out of six. Why is it that this phenomenon is constantly present? What is the cause of the matter? Moderners could be easily-led by a fast-flowing society without thinking about what they should do in society's rapid streams. Moderners feel insecure and are under great stress because of trying to adapt to these rapidly changing circumstances. So, Moderners feel a sense of social alienation because they don't adapt to these rapidly changing circumstances. Even members of the same family feel a sense of alienation from each other as the modern nuclear family changes. Moderners' mentalities seem to be growing weaker.     
Today, schools affect the weakness of Moderners' mentalities. The primary objective of school should be to provide the basic skills needed to adapt to society, but schools have neglected this duty by centering on the entrance examination system. As a result, many Moderners fail to cope with senses of unease and alienation because they go out into society with only the knowledge they learned at school. In the past, members of the traditional family could get advice from their many elders. The reduction of family size in the current nuclear family is going to deepen the weakness of Moderners' mentalities. In spite of the occurrence of the above-mentioned social phenomena, Moderners are turning away from the facts. The mentalities of Moderners are falling sick because of feelings of uneasiness, senses of alienation from society, a lack of true character, and a lack of moral education. The rapid increases in cases of suicide, imitation-mentality, Akple-computer behavior, otaku-type mental disease, and murder of family members are due to social reasons, including the reduction of family size and rapidly changing social roles. 
If this phenomenon continues, the weakness of the Moderner-mentality will deepen. Therefore, let's enter relationships with them and have the time to listen to their worries. Let's look around for people who have weak mentalities in our surroundings. And let's reflect on our own lives and think about the existence of the sense of alienation. As a spring-greeting, YNO hopes that, if you feel a sense of alienation, you will have a good time with your family, talking about your worries

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