Plant Your Dream & Let it Grow
Plant Your Dream & Let it Grow
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  • 승인 2007.03.23 15:38
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Hyeon-Ju Pak
     Time moves so fast. When I decided to become an editor-in-chief, it was the wet season. Now that I quit my position, it is a new spring and I have graduated from Yeungnam University.
     A few days ago, a friend of mine who withheld me from being on the staff asked me "Don't you regret joining the Yeungnam Observer(YNO) again?". I answered "Not yet, but someday I might feel sorry for what I have done." While answering, I felt my words were so irresponsible. It means, if my life is bright, I wouldn't regret it and would be proud of myself.
     On the other hand, it also means that if I have some gloomy turn in my future, I would think YNO responsible. It's not sage and not right. I was so sad, miserable and pitiful of myself. Whatever results I would have, it's my choice and my charge. 
     While being the editor-in-chief, I received such things as friendship, relations with my seniors and juniors, lots of experience. Even though I lost a few things it was a great time for me.
     Now, I am an alumnus and I haven't gotten a job. Looking at me, others may think my life has a big question mark, but I am sure someday the big question mark must change to an exclamation mark. I am trying to achieve it since I have a great dream. I think that "I CAN DO IT" is not important or difficult, but "I AM DOING IT NOW" is more important and difficult. Plant your dream now and let it grow.

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