[Cambodia] Very Hot Winter
[Cambodia] Very Hot Winter
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Byung-Man Chung
                                              One of the poorest nations in the world, the nation where crucial genocides were committed, and most people are Buddhists-this was the only knowledge I had about Cambodia. Because of that, I did not know what I could do in Cambodia when I received a call from the Student Assistant Team asking me to go to Cambodia as a director of the Overseas Volunteer Corps. Before our departure, the volunteer members prepared many activity programs as well as school supplies.
     On the night of 8 January, we arrived at the PhnomPenh Airport. Next morning we went to Kampong Phnom High School and took part in a great Welcoming Ceremony. After the ceremony, we began our own activities of Taekwondo and Fan dance, which happened to be broadcasted on the National TV. Although it was very hot and humid, and mosquitoes bit us constantly, we really had a good time. We were pleased to see beautiful eyes and the bright smiles of the students attended.
     On 14 January we moved from Kampong Phnom High School to the Rawlings Institute founded by the American Baptist Church in 2006. We stayed there in comfort for two weeks. Days went by and our team-spirit grew strong. Friendship between our volunteer members became more and more solid.
     Cambodia has many deficiencies in S.O.C. such as road, water supply and electricity; people are suffering from the faulty remains of Communism with poverty and poor public services. I felt as if I had taken a trip back in time to 40 years ago, but in the future I am sure that Cambodia will change and develop rapidly.
     I would like to express many thanks to all Cambodian individuals who helped us with sincere hearts while our staying in Cambodia. Also I wish to send my love to the student volunteer members who spent hard time together. Good luck to you all!

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