[Vietnam_Thu Duc] Joy and Fun Volunteering
[Vietnam_Thu Duc] Joy and Fun Volunteering
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Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology College of Medicine
     With the start of 2007, I joined the Yeungnam Universiry Overseas Volunteer Corps for three weeks in Vietnam. When I was offered a chance to join the YUOVC as director, I hesitated to take that offer because the 23 days were quite a long time to be absent from my work and my home. Also, I was afraid of how well I would do, but the YUOVC itself was so attractive to me.
     Anyway, I arrived at Hochiminh International Airport at midnight on 8 January 2007 with my 20 volunteers and deputy director, Mr. Baek Ki-Soo. Because it was dark, I didn't have a chance to gain any first impressions about Vietnam other than extreme heat and stifling exhaust from buses.
     During the first week we visited a middle school and a high school in Thu Duc and met so many students. The volunteers taught them Korean language, traditional Korean games, and famous children's songs with rhythmic movements; they also introduced Taekowndo and Samulnoli. That week might have been the most joyous and fun time for my members, because the Vietnamese students not only welcomed us very warmly, but also received our performances with pleasure and enthusiasm.
     At the orphanage and the elderly home near Ho Chi Minh City, most of the people were disabled and the facilities were very poor. But the volunteers never forgot the smiling faces during their stay in those places. It was a very difficult time for us, but we felt happiness and pleasure because they came close to us with their hearts and even their bodies which were often difficult to move.
     "SinNanDa (It's jolly)! JeMiNanDa (It's fun)! ThuDuc team fighting! Aza!" was the slogan of our team. Whenever we shouted it together, we became happier and our tired bodies and sad feeling took a turn for the better. The jolly times and fun thoughts about everything we did and the positive attitudes of our members were the propulsive power to finish our mission safely and completely.

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