[VIETNAM_Ho Chi Minh] Little Deeds of Kindness Help to Make The World Happy
[VIETNAM_Ho Chi Minh] Little Deeds of Kindness Help to Make The World Happy
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Yeon-Ah Kim
     When I applied for the OVERSEAS VOLUNTEER CORPS I just wanted new experiences, and I wasn't really interested in the actual volunteer work. I wanted to go abroad, and I felt that this would be a good opportunity to travel. If somebody wants to be a member of the OVERSEAS VOLUNTEER CORPS and has the same ideas I had, I want to tell them those motivations should be the smallest of your considerations. I learned many things through the OVERSEAS VOLUNTEER CORPS, so much so that it is difficult to describe. However, I am going to try to convey what I was given for 23 days as best as I can.
     From the day (Dec 5, 2006) we realized we would be members of the OVERSEAS VOLUNTEER CORPS to the day (Jan 8, 2007) we left KOREA from INCHEON international Airport, we prepared lots of activities such as Samulnori, Taekwondo, Origami, Face-Painting, Ballon-Art, Dance, Rhythmic Movement, Chorus, Folk Dancing, Korean Education, Art Education, and Physical Education. We did everything we could for the people waiting for us in VIETNAM, and then boarded the airplane. For 23 days, we tried our best for every second we were there. We hoped that our efforts would bear fruit, and then we could feel proud of the CHUN MA Symbol on our uniform. Even though we were not perfect, we were a kind of medicine to children who were hurting. We understood this fact because of their bright eyes and kind smiles toward us.

     Whenever we sang in chorus, we felt that we were 'Together'. We used different languages, we were in different cultures, but the harmony we made by ourselves helped break the barrier. In Korea, we usually do volunteer work for extra points, so it is hard to feel that I was helping when I volunteered myself at home. However in this strange land I felt the worth of volunteering everyday. When I communicated with Vietnamese who could not speak Korean, I did my best to present myself to those who did not know me very well. It was a good time for everybody including myself.
     I remember that I screamed when I saw a few lizards on the wall in our Guest House. Now that I am back in Korea the strong wind makes me wear thick clothes. Some of my friends asked me to tell about my volunteer corps experience. I told them it was a very exciting time. They seemed to feel suspicious because volunteer activity is not exciting in general. However, I did the most exciting volunteer activities in the world for 23 days, seriously. 

     The written application that I filled out to become a part of the OVERSEAS VOLUNTEER CORPS was a winning ticket in my life. I want you to knock on the door of the OVERSEAS VOLUNTEER CORPS, so you can get addicted to the attractiveness of Volunteer activity. One of the greatest treasures I was given through my volunteer work was the people I worked with and their names are: Oh Won Seok, Lee Chung Ho, Byun Jeon Beom, Kim Chan Gu, Lee Ka Ryeong, Ma Yu Chang, Jeon Byoung Heon, Seo Hyun Ryung, Park Seon Mi, Lee Hi Jin, Jeon Yu Mi, Kim Ja Hye, Seo Dong Woo, Jang Ji Ho, Choi Hwa Sik, Kim Ye Won, Shim Wan Sub, Kim Hyo Jin, Jhang Jee Hye, Kim Myung Sub, and Kim Dong Young.

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