[CHINA]Student Volunteer Corps to China
[CHINA]Student Volunteer Corps to China
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Professor, Dept. of English
     On 8 January 2007, our team consisting of 22 members departed from Incheon International Airport for Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, located in the south-western part of China. On arriving at Kunming Airport after a five-hour flight, we were led by a student assistant dispatched from Yunnan University which has a sisterhood relationship with our university. As it was almost mid-night, the street seemed rather quiet and the street light was dim, but the tepid air was not as fresh as it was in Daegu, Korea. Although it was mid-winter, it was rather warm. Soon I realized why Kunming has been called the city of eternal spring.
     After we settled down at the guest house of Yunnan University, I found that our daily schedule was very tight. In a day, we made a visit to one or two schools. Some of our members performed samulnori, a performing art derived from old farmer's music before a large audience. Others performed Taekwondo. In the meantime, those who did not take part in outdoor activities conducted classrooms with Korean language, drawing, and paper folding.
     Of course, these were not all that we did. Some schools invited us to take part in sports events. Others asked us to sing songs. On their part, with various music and dances they entertained us enormously. In the end, everyone appeared happy and became friendly beyond the differences of nationality and age.
In conclusion, I'd like to suggest some points for our future volunteer corps. First, on our part, we need much more time to get well prepared. Second, we have to pay more attention to selecting better qualified volunteers. Third, our university has to establish a better communication channel with our sister university for a successful program.

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