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YU Puts ABEEK in Operation Extensively

     Yeungnam University is to put the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK) in operation broadly beginning in 2007. ABEEK aims to promote the development of engineering education and produce qualified engineers by providing the accreditation of college educational programs in engineering and related fields and the consultation through the criteria and guidelines suggested for those programs. Up until the year 2006, ABEEK was carried out in the School of Architecture, Departments of Mechanic Engineering and of Display & Chemical Engineering. Starting in the first semester of 2007, however, ABEEK is to be carried out in all schools of the College of Engineering and the School of Textiles. With the arrival of ABEEK a vast majority of engineering students will be able to use global standards to be qualified engineers throughout the world.

YU Supports English Education for Rural Elementary Schools 

      Yeungnam University concluded an agreement to support a program to send native English speakers to rural elementary schools that are located near dams in Gyeongbuk-do. This program is sponsored by Gyeongbuk-do Governer's Office, Gyeongbuk-do Office of Education, the Korea Water Resource Corporation, and YU. The agreement was consumated by the gathering of the sponsors above in the graduate school building on 27 February. This program has been implemented in an attempt to close the English educational gap between urban and rural schools and will offer primary school students from rural areas access to a reputable English conversation program. Through the program, native English teachers will teach at elementary schools situated around dams in Gyeongbuk-do. The program will begin at the start of the new semester.

Programs for Cultivation of the Talented, the 21st Century Men

     On 22 January 2007, Yeungnam University announced its 2007 university reform bill which newly includes the College of Fundamental Education and the School of Industrial Education. The College of Fundamental Education has jurisdiction over the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Autonomous Major. It is responsible for planning 'fundamental education' and developing the process of liberal education. The School of Industrial Education has jurisdiction over the Contract Majoring/Studying and the entire business related to industry-academic research education, of which the educational process works to establish education programs based on the needs of certain companies which are selected among many companies applying for the industry-academic education process. The staff working for the selected companies are to be trained for 2 years by YU, after which they receive a Bachelor's degree. YU is operating the Contract Majoring with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.

YU Center for SMB Cooperation Receives an Award for Excellent Work

     Ilicomm Ltd. and Sunchemical Ltd., which exist under the auspices of the YU center for SMB cooperation, received an award for their superior enterprise on 15 January 2007. In order to qualify for the award, a company must work with the center for SMB cooperation for a minimum of one year, earn over 5 billion won a year, and have a positive effect on the community with the company's innovations and technical expertise. Ilicomm created in 2000 is a company dealing with optical communication materials, has been a part of the YU center for SMB cooperation since 2002, and surpassed the 5 billion won earned mark last year. Sunchemical created in 1992 is a company dealing with optical film and adhesive tape, has been part of the YU center for SMB cooperation since 2002, and surpassed the 10 billion won earned mark last year.

YUM Opens Cultural Lecture on the Imaginative Travel for the Museums and Cultures of the World

  Yeungnam University Museum is advertising the 'Travel Museum' lecture series where participants can take part in the imaginative travel over the museums and cultures of the world. The cultural lecture based on the 'Travel Museum and the World in Imagination' takes place every Thursday at the YUM for 15 weeks from March 8 to June 21. This lecture series introduces and presents various cultures through historical remains and works of art housed in numerous museums or art galleries representing each part of the world. Specialists in the fields of museum and art gallery management will give lectures, highlighting to showcase the National Museum of Korea and the top three museums of the world The British Museum, The Louvre Museum, and The Smithsonian Institute.

YU Holds Fund-Raising Night for Establishment of the 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall

     YU held a Fund-Raising Night for the establishment of the 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall in J's hotel on February 13th. This event was held to give shape to a long-cherished dream of establishing a memorial hall to celebrate the making for 60 years after the foundation of YU, by gathering the power of 160 thousand alumni. School personnel, students and alumni including Kim Dong-Gun (the chief director of the Foundation), Woo Tong-Ki (the president of Yeungnam University), and Lee Eui-Geun (the president of the Alumni Association) attended this event. Among the attendants were also Roh Hee-Chan (the president of Daegu Chamber of Commerce & Industry honorary) chosen as the president of an aid association for the establishment of the 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall. Donations were collected on the spot, and ended up with a huge success with total 2.5 billion won including large corporate donations of 10.8 billion won. 

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