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Each correct answer to the puzzle can be found in this magazine.

Good Luck to You!

Please send your answers to the 287th puzzle

to the YNO editorial office by November 22, 2006.

1. When the national birthrate falls below 1.3 persons per year, a nation is classified as extremely low in birthrates.

2. In other words, a "contraception disaster" fueling a decline of the birthrate causes fund exhaustion within the national pension system.

3. modern women don't want marriage and children to obstruct their work when they are engaged in economic activity.

4. Along with this, a small-scale outlook on children combined with the notion of preferring a son to a daughter also contributes to the decline of birthrate.

5. In pursuing their desire, children are regarded as beings that demand too much sacrifice.

6. They don't want to adjust themselves to the institution of marriage.

7. All of us know well the social function of marriage, which is to preserve society through giving birth to children.

8. given that childbirth is often precluded by economic instability, we hope that the Korean government will bend efforts to improve society and the workplace.

9. The evaluation standard was based on the number of published papers per year, the ratio of foreign student admission, and the relationship with corporations and foreign university students.

10. It is available for students to apply for the funds every Marchand September, and selected students are financially supported.

11. The Foreign Exchange Student Program is a program offering education programs concerning languages and cultures in foreign universities which have a sisterhood relationship with our university.

12. If you are not just self-directed learning style, you cannot adapt yourselves to changes.

Winners to the Last Puzzle

Hwang Guan-yu, Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature

Kim So-young, School of Display & Chemical engineering

Bang Jong-won, Dept. of Public Administration

Lee Sang-heon, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

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