The early bird catches the worm
The early bird catches the worm
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▲ Kim Do-hyeung, junior School of Management

Do you know the common feature of these groups, the Human Resources Development Team, the Career Placement Service Team, and the Career Development Center for Women? Do you even know what they are? They are the faces given to the effort which our university makes to encourage a positive start to your career and future.

In our society, unemployment is a serious problem. Polarization of the work force is even more serious an issue than unemployment. The issue of polarization is not a problem to do with wealth and poverty, but rather it is an issue of qualifications.

Since April, I have been working as a job frontier reporter at the Office of Student Development Services of Yeungnam University. While covering news about job careers, I have met a lot of students who have good qualifications. They are active, diligent and smart. They always do their best to take any opportunity to improve their work experience and qualifications.

On the other hand, I have also met others who have not prepared themselves for their bright and glorious future. Of course, they are just as smart as the qualified students, but the difference is that they are less diligent. They don't make an effort to take advantage of opportunities as quickly as the prepared students. I have come to fully appreciate the saying: "The early bird catches the worm."

As a job seeker, information is power. Even though our society is an information society, we still have to invest plenty of time searching online or elsewhere. Where can we find useful information about jobs quickly? My suggestion is to check both '' and ''.

Unprepared students always grumble that there isn't anything they can do to improve their qualifications. To those students, I want to ask, "Have you ever accessed those websites, which are serviced by the Student Career Development Office?" One of my friends always accesses ''.

In these web-pages, you can find everything about employment and be supported in your applications for work by the staff from the Office of Student Development Services. You can register for lots of events which support your job career. You can find written information about recruiting for companies and corporations as produced by employers, information on various qualifications and exams, lots of competition and exhibition information and download various companies' resumes and English interview questions. Moreover you can receive counseling from experts and get helpful advice.

As the saying 'The gull which flies highest sees farthest' goes, there are many opportunities available to us. The opportunity is yours. If you make more effort, more opportunities will come your way. Turn on the computer and click the 'job information' icon on YU's homepage. Soon, you will find yourself in the place for which you've been looking.

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