The professor & the beggar
The professor & the beggar
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▲ Song Shin-geun, Sophomore Dept. of English

There is a saying which reads: "There are ten things in common between professors and beggars." One of the most interesting of these things is that the former asks questions to students, while the latter begs people in public. What can we learn from this?

There has recently been a gigantic loss of teachers' authority and social standing. We're heading towards a time when professors, in order to maintain undergraduates' attention, might have to implore them not to send text messages from their cell-phones, not to goof off during classes, sneak out of class during break time, nor talk to them in sarcastic tones of voice. During such times, I dare say it'll be the end of the world in terms of eschatology. The collapse of morality leads to the total depravity of the human race.

A few days ago, I took a lecture in a huge room. The professor is usually so passionate in his delivery that students can't wait to ask questions. I'm personally interested in this kind of lecture. Active participation in a lecture as a subjective learner is meant to disclose the visual potential of a discussion and lead to progressive development.

In the middle of the lecture that day, however, a problem occurred. The stubbornness of the ardent professor collided against the obstinate attitude of a student who looked calm but somewhat extroverted and extraordinary on the surface. The professor questioned the student over and over but the student didn't answer.

I could not understand why he did not say anything, even though it was not that tough a question. Was it antipathy? Was it really too hard for him to answer? Although it may have been the latter, he should have shown respect for the professor. If he had said even a word like "No", there would not have been such a mutually created cold atmosphere.

Lately, the standard of morality in lectures continues to decline. For teachers, there is only a minimum level of morality that students should be expected to maintain. When morality in lectures improves again, the true learning of lessons will be promoted and accepted. Why don't we welcome professors with open arms and warm-hearted greetings before lectures start?

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