On having Meals regularly
On having Meals regularly
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▲ Park Gwang-min, Sophomore School of Chemistry

Eating regular meals is just as important as eating well. It provides your body with the regular energy flow it needs to be efficient, while maintaining a good level of endurance. Skipping a meal often results in eating junk food later to satisfy that pressing hunger. What makes so many students eat irregularly?

Most students have been leading busy lives since the new term started, because they have heavy schedules including a high number of classes, club activities and part-time jobs. Moreover, many classes are now scheduled to be held during lunch time, so students often skip lunch or rush to meals.

If a pattern of any behavior continues consistently, it becomes a habit. Bad eating habits are very dangerous because though they may not present great problems at first, afterward the accumulation of side effects contribute to ruined health such as in weight gain and a poor cardiovascular risk profile.

I have to take many classes and submit many term papers throughout the week, so I frequently skip lunch. I have become accustomed to skipping lunch and now eat a big supper. I know it is bad for my health. I should change my eating habits.

People need to be aware that eating regular meals is very important. Even if we are busy, we can take time off to eat lunch. If this is really difficult because of your schedule, carry healthy snacks such as fruits, grains, nuts and cereal products.

Are you skipping meals? Are you eating irregular meals? If you want to live healthily, avoid eating quickly and irregularly. Make sure you eat regular and balanced meals. No matter how busy your life is, you ought to have a regular, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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