YU’s Various Comparative Programs
YU’s Various Comparative Programs
  • Ha Ji-hyeon
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  Various comparisons and programs promoted by Yeungnam University’s Humanities-Utmost-Sharing System(HUSS) are receiving favorable reviews. According to YU on the 12th, it was selected for the Ministry of Education’s HUSS in 2023. It promotes various projects with 1.5 billion won in state funds until February 2026.
  The project group has dispatched 11 teams to various regions at home and abroad to identify regional regeneration performance. Also, they produce content through regional regeneration creation (Find the Key to Regional Regeneration!). In January, it held a regional regeneration global camp (Meeting the regional regeneration of Fukui Prefecture) to exchange with related organizations and personnel in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. YU announced excellent cases of fostering digital technologies, applications, and services. It contributed to regional regeneration and revitalization, which is the vision of the project group. Also, it was an opportunity to share future directions. YU had an opportunity to form a program with the Sabae SDGs Promotion Center to explore regional regeneration and sustainable development plans. Professor Roh-Sangrae, the head of a business group at YU, said that it was meaningful to prepare various comparisons and programs to induce students to participate voluntarily and seek solutions to problems. The head of the Sabae SDGs Promotion Center said he felt the enthusiasm of YU stuents to contribute to the Korean community.
  YU’s Center for Teaching & Learning will screen a total of eight online learning LTVs for two months from March 27 to May 28. LTV stands for “Lunch Time Video,” which allows students to conveniently and efficiently access videos related to the humanities, economy, and society, which can help students in their learning activities and college life in general. This also helps students in their own leading learning activities and college life. Students can apply a week before the screening date by going to the YuTopia Comparison and Integration System site. The screening time is available for one day, and the number of participants is 200 people per screening on a first-come, first-served basis.

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