Accompanied by a Professor : Seniors and Juniors - Growing Up Together
Accompanied by a Professor : Seniors and Juniors - Growing Up Together
  • Lee Su-min
  • 승인 2024.05.28 20:12
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Program Activities (Photo by reporter Lee Su-min)
Program Activities (Photo by reporter Lee Su-min)

   Campus life is a time of many new challenges and experiences. Especially for first-and second-year students, it is also a time when various changes and adaptations are needed. One of the programs that helps them overcome challenges and grow together is a program, ‘Accompanied by a Professor.’  
  The program ‘Accompanied by a Professor’ is operated on a team basis at Yeungnam University Center for Teaching & Learning and is conducted semester-by-semester. This program focuses on enhancing college life adaptability and preventing dropout by strengthening exchanges between professors, seniors, and juniors in the department for students who need to adapt to college life, such as freshmen, transfer students, and returning students.
   The program goes through six stages, and information on recruitment for participation is posted at the beginning of the semester. Students apply to the desired professor and form a team of mentors and mentees. After that, various activities related to college life and major will be conducted through four activities with the designated professor. 
   Student’s thoughts were collected through a survey regarding the program, and a professor accompanied them. The survey was conducted among enrolled students. 89% of the students said they knew about the program, and half of them said they had participated in the program. More than 90% of the students who participated said that the program helped them form intimacy with their seniors, juniors and professors, and it also helped them adjust to college life. Overall, the results of this survey show that the program ‘Accompanied by a Professor’ is widely recognized among students and provides positive experiences for many students. However, it is necessary to recognize that some improvements are needed, such as adjusting personal schedules, extending the program’s duration, and trying to operate it more effectively. Participation in this program will create new challenges and growth opportunities for students in the past and the future. It provides a beneficial experience of academic and college life, and students will be able to realize their potential.

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