Will E-labels Be Effective?
Will E-labels Be Effective?
  • Jung Da-eun
  • 승인 2024.05.28 19:57
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(Photo by reporter Jung Da-eun)
(Photo by reporter Jung Da-eun)

  As part of the government’s digital safety management innovation initiative, e-label adoption is expanding. E-label serves as electronic information providers, allowing customers to access product-related information (such as ingredient names, nutritional facts, and item reporting numbers) through QR codes printed on the products. By proposing this digital display, e-labels challenge traditional labeling methods by offering a novel way to convey product information. However, like all innovations, e-labels have their pros and cons.
  One notable advantage of e-labels is their environmental friendliness. By replacing labels with QR codes, they reduce paper and ink usage while simultaneously decreasing packaging waste. With the introduction of e-labels, only the seven essential labeling requirements for food standards (product name and calorie content, company name, expiration date, storage instruction, precautions, and sodium content comparison) must be displayed. Additional information can be provided via QR codes. Consequently, this enables the delivery of essential information to consumers without enlarging label sizes.
  The downside of e-labels lies in accessibility. Many elderly individuals may not be familiar with scanning QR codes, even if they use smartphones, leading to a natural decline in information accessibility. Furthermore, the ability for companies to select displayed information for non-essential details may also reduce accessibility to consumer information, further limiting consumer rights to know.
  In addition, there is a drawback, as consumers may need to call consumer support centers. It is damaged if the product’s packaging prevents proper recognition of the QR code. If there are problems, such as communication failure or errors, it is not easy to access the information from the QR code.

  With the appear pros and cons of e-labels, sufficient discussion is necessary regarding what information to include. Additionally, adequate consideration should be given to addressing accessibility issues for digitally vulnerable demographics.

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