Changes to LearningX
Changes to LearningX
  • Jung Da-eun
  • 승인 2024.05.28 19:54
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(Provided by LMS,  LearnigX)
(Provided by LMS, LearnigX)

   As part of its evolution into a glocal university, Yeungnam University implemented a new instruction support system called CANVAS. A structure based on professor and student activity data and learning analysis activities. it also expands support for activities such as teaching and learning through AI. Additionally, it has features like global language support, learning analysis, an AI automatic subtitle system, and a translation system through ChatGPT.
  What is the reason for changing the LMS? First, the existing program could not integrate the latest educational technology, such as interoperability of learning tools, AI, and ChatGPT. By incorporating the latest edutech into LMS, core technologies of the fourth industrial revolution can be more effectively utilized in education to enhance its effectiveness. Furthermore, through the change in LMS, YU aims to lead regional development and evolve into a glocal university with competitiveness in specialized fields.
   Improvements have resulted from the introduction of YU’s new system. Both students and professors are provided with instructions tailored to their needs, and the convenience of managing online courses has increased. Additionally, attendance management can now be viewed at a glance, and features like automatic grading, previewing, and swift grading of online exams have become more manageable. Also, users can now check the activity status on discussion boards and set permissions accordingly.
  Through the Q&A sessions with the Student Council, it is evident that the introduction of the new system causes students discomfort and various errors. In additon, the university is gradually fixing them. Serve buffering in the overall app process has been resolved, and server errors are being identified through a 24-hour program. Alarm system malfunctions have also been addressed. If notifications still do not arrive, refer to the LMS manual on, checking the phone settings is recommended. Likewise, notifications are not allowed in the device settings, even if set in the app. Push notifications may be blocked. The 99% completion rate display will be improved later. It may occur due to slight calculation gaps during learning. This does not affect attendance. Even if the progress rate shows 99%, if the attendance status is marked as attendance, it is recognized as attendance.


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