Introducing My Friend!
Introducing My Friend!
  • Shin Hye-bin
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(Provided by student Fatma)
(Provided by student Fatma)

Q1. What motivated you to choose Korea as your exchange student country?

Since I was a Korean Language and Literature student, my biggest goal was coming to Korea. So, I worked hard to achieve this. As a result, I was accepted as an exchange student. My biggest motivation was to achieve this dream.


Q2. What did you want to do when you came to Korea? (Ex. Food, place, festival)

I especially wanted to try most Korean dishes and travel to famous places when I came to Korea. My favorite Korean food is Jjimdak because I think it is very similar to the Turkish dish ‘Chicken Saute,’ which I recommend to other foreigners.


Q3. Is there any reason you chose your major?

 I chose Korean Language and Literature because Korean and Turkish are very similar grammatically, and Turkish and Korean cultures are similar. Turks attach great importance to commemorating their ancestors and are a country very devoted to their customs and traditions. Also, many Koreans are proud of their traditions and ancestors. For this reason, I found Turkish and Korean cultures are very similar.


Q4. Have you ever experienced a cultural difference in Korea?

I experienced a lot of culture shock, especially with people and food. People in Turkey are generally very warm and friendly, so I had a hard time making friends at first because Koreans are so shy. There are also many types of food in Turkey; most people do not generally eat pork. I had a hard time with this. Another difference is that Koreans finish their meals quickly and leave the table. However, since Turks like to chat at the table and talk about what happened during the day as a family, sitting at the table for a long time and having long conversations is a cultural norm.

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