Introducing My Friend!
Introducing My Friend!
  • Shin-Hye bin
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(Provided by student Imane)
(Provided by student Imane)

 Q1. What motivated you to choose Korea as your exchange student country?

 So, initially, I planned to go to an English-speaking country. But it was really expensive. So I asked people who had been to Korea, and they told me it was a really good country and a great experience. They also recommended that I go to a country that doesn't speak English because it would be different from my culture. It would be better for me to discover a place that differs from my home country to discover new things and become more open-minded. And I thought that they had a good point, which was a good idea. So, I decided to go to Korea for that reason.


 Q2. What did you want to do when you came to Korea? (Ex. Food, place, festival)

  I wanted to visit temples. Because I only saw that TV and pictures. So, I was curious about what temples were made of because they differed from those in Europe, and I liked it. Also, I wanted to go to festivals and concerts too. I wanted to see how Korea's education was made, so I took a class only for Koreans last semester, and I was the only foreign student. It wasn't easy, but I'm glad I did it because it helped me learn about Korea's school system and discover new things.


 Q3. Is there any reason you chose your major?

 My major is design. One of the reasons I took design is because Korea is famous for its artwork. And, in Europe, we know Korea because of its excellent technology. So, I thought that if I came to study design, maybe I would learn many new things. So, I could learn design faster in one semester than in France for two years. So I'm happy to choose Korea. I chose the major to learn techniques I might not have been able to learn in Europe.


 Q4. Have you ever experienced a cultural difference in Korea?

 In France, we respect older people. In Korea, respect for older people is much higher. So, it should always be right no matter what they say or do. For example, I think it is not common, but an old lady touched my face. She said I was pretty. She thought I was her grandchild. I knew it was cute, but I was surprised. In France, people don't like to touch things like that. So I know that because she is older, in Korea, I must respect what she does.


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